Avast VPN Review

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Avast VPN is one of the best Avast security there is, and it has been a very good product that has been released by Avast. As the VPN usually go, it is very decent to use as it can get you to use Netflix and with very strong encryption, it can help you view and access many more sites that are based only on location and can be viewed by the certain audience. However, the price for the Avast VPN gives away Avast services to other brands.

Their services are fair, but they got it wrong when it comes to the price attached to their premium services.

The Avast SecureLine VPN is a section of the suite that is provided by an award-winning cybersecurity company; it is based in the Czech Republic, but then it has its offices in several countries, numbering to about 13 and then about 135 monthly users.

This tells you how big the company is, hence we have to give it to them for the quality services they provide.

The strength of Avast VPN includes;

It can get you into Netflix. Netflix is not available in several countries, and it is a good thing that Avast VPN can give to you.

The VPN can also give you the encryption service with enough speed that is needed. So, no matter how laborious the activity you are doing, it can do this with good speed.

Avast VPN has a good enough server base; it doesn?t just rely on some few servers, but due to its large customer base, it has a myriad of servers that can help you get the best VPN services that you need.

Avast VPN has a user-friendly interface and then no DNS leakages. But one great feature of the Avast VPN is that it has a Kill-switch. This is very important, as it helps you disconnect your browser whenever the VPN services are not available.

Some of the weaknesses are; there is no split tunneling. Also, Avast does not provide the choice of encryption protocol. Also, it does not support all devices; just a handful is supported.

Its customer support only comes along with the paid extra. We understand that Avast has a lot of clients hence they placed a need to be premium before you can be attended to, but it is not worth much to attend to a few queries from users of the trial version.

Avast is an excellent software; it is easy to use, and then it boasts of a solid performance. However, it is short on some features that do not follow with the big names when it comes to VPN

Some of our support for Avast VPN is for its above-average performance; it is also straightforward to use and install; also it comes from a very trusted provider.

One other aspect where it gets a negative review is that it has just a few features. Avast also has minimal support which means it works just with limited apps.

So if you need a good VPN, then you can get the Avast VPN as a starter, but when you start, you may want to need some new services that Avast VPN do not provide because of its few features when compared with other VPN.