AVG VPN Review

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AVG VPN is one of the familiar internet services maybe because of its maiden name. Once the name AVG comes to mind, we have a familiar feeling that comes to mind.

That?s true, one of the big names in the VPN market is AVG; in general, AVG VPN provides its privacy to the internet and seems to provide a fantastic service hence they have gotten a few positive reviews.

AVG VPN comes along with some fantastic features that they boast off, but a quick review will let us know if those statements are true or they are just marketing terms used to fool unwary clients.

However, with AVG VPN it is shocking that Netflix is blocked and also it causes more than 50% slowness to your PC.

Here are some of the advantages of using AVG VPN

One of the major advantages of the AVG VPN is that it has some locations unblock Netflix, but there are several of its features that fall below the mark.

Virus Free; since it is a main player in the anti-virus category, it is expected that they deliver perfectly in this aspect too. When it is run with Windows and Mac versions of the VPN; its results were very cool. Unfortunately, there are not very much data to support the Andriod and iOS versions.

No DNS leaks; so far, there are enough proofs that they provide enough encryption and privacy connection that can secure your internet session. They do not have those funny connection leaks that are associated with several other VPN usages.

Good customer support; the response time for customer support is great, in that they respond fast to every query that is sent to them. They provide good chat support for every one of its users. You can take advantage of the chat support via their contact page, and as soon as you provide your name and email, you will be good to go.


AVG VPN has a record slow speed; this makes the VPN service to fall flats to its face.

Also with the AVG VPN, there is a suspicious logging policy; it claims to keep track of your activities so that it can monitor your online activity. It states in its policy that the logs are stored up to 3 months before they are deleted, this is done to help monitor suspicious internet usage.

Also, the AVG VPN has Netflix blocked for several locations around the globe. And although Netflix has taken a harsh policy against VPNs yet some VPN has been able to unblock it and given access to their access, but this is not so with AVG VPN.

One of its disadvantages is that is had a limited security feature. Also, it needs a different license to every platform you want to use it on. Meaning, it operates the One license per time plan. Hence this makes it more expensive than several of its rivals.

AVG VPN does its thing in the best ways it can, but then its price and single device plan and then the lack of a kill switch is a major concern for us. Instead of using the AVG  VPN, you may as well try to use some other VPN that would have an efficient kill switch, provide better service and with a fair enough price.