Best Free Antivirus for Android

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Smartphones are very important devices in our lives. Because of this, we can communicate with all the people we know in just a few seconds. Android is the most widely-used operating system in smartphones. We store our important information here and sometimes we used it as an online wallet that’s why we need to protect it to avoid the threats in our privacy and cyber theft. In order to protect our personal information and money online, we need an antivirus software so that our smartphones will be secured and protected from malicious malware and spyware.

Here are the lists of best free antivirus for android.

1. Avast Mobile Security

– Impressive antivirus app that completely protects your phone from viruses and spyware by scanning for any dangerous applications and trojan. It has extra features like call blocker, firewall, and an anti-theft measure by allowing you to remotely lock your smartphone if it goes missing. Avast mobile security protects your devices on multiple platforms.

2. Bitdefender Antivirus Free

– A powerful best free antivirus for Android tool and trusted software worldwide which can protect your smartphone from many harmful threats. Extremely lightweight antivirus app that makes it scanning ability faster and saves on battery life. It has real-time protection and the new apps are automatically scanned after they are installed.

3. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

– Impressive security software for Android. The apps are manually scanned for any threat of malware and viruses with a detection rate of 99.9 percent according to AV-Test’s trials. It blocks malicious sites or links before you click them which can harm your Android phone. It has the app locker features that can protect your private apps.

4. McAfee Mobile Security and Lock

– A well-known antivirus software when it comes for PC and Android phones and received prestigious awards since it was released. It has many advanced features like security lock, anti-theft features, battery savers, and memory cleaner. Very effective antivirus software when it comes in protecting your smartphone against malicious malware.

5. Sophos Mobile Security

– Sophos mobile security app won the AV-Test award for the best protection app in 2016. This antivirus app doesn’t have any ads which make it different from other free antivirus apps. It has malware protection and alerts you if there might be a leakage about your sensitive information.

6. Norton Security and Antivirus

– An antivirus app that has impressive security features with 100 percent detection rate that removes malware, spyware, and some viruses that make your phone slow down. One of its security features is you can lock your phone via SMS message if your smartphone is missing or remotely lock your phone if the SIM card is removed.

7. Security Master

– The new version of CM security app for Android. An all-in-one security app to use with many numbers of download and good reviews in Play Store. It makes your phone safe and protected from malware and harmful viruses. With many features like app locker, scanner, WI-FI security, message security, junk cleaner, battery savers, call blocker, phone booster, and notification cleaner.