Board Portal – Board Meeting Management Software Software for Business

The key characteristics of modern society and the educational and information environment include such as human information needs, as well as board portals for your business.

How to Download and Work with Board Portal?

To launch the application, double-click the icon on the desktop screen, or select Board Portal from the Programs list in the Start menu.

  1. Screen appearance.

The Board Portal interface consists of three parts: the main screen (background canvas), a sidebar (on the right side), and a floating toolbar. When the Board Portal software starts up, the main screen will be displayed. Users can change the background color for the home screen at any time.

  1. Side panel.

Click on the side pane display button on the right side to display the side pane. In general mode, the sidebar will hide automatically when the mouse pointer moves away from the sidebar. To keep the sidebar visible at all times, click the sidebar dock button in the upper-right corner of the sidebar. The sidebar is divided into three sections, including a page preview section and a background image selection section. In the Preview section, all pages are displayed sequentially. The section Selecting a background image allows you to select a picture.

  1. Floating toolbar.

The floating toolbar contains frequently used software functions. The buttons on the floating toolbar can be customized in the system setup or by touching the buttons on the toolbar. Toolbar Customization – Sets the size of the buttons on the toolbar, the direction and options for text, and the choice of buttons to appear on the toolbar. To customize a floating toolbar, simply drag the toolbar buttons from the Customize Toolbar window to the floating toolbar.

The tool blocks the part of the screen that you do not want to show. Just drag the blocking layer to the part of the screen that you want to close. To access the blocking tool options menu, click on the blocking layer. The options menu of board software contains:

  • setting the blocking layer to move only vertically;
  • setting the blocking layer to move only horizontally;
  • setting the blocking layer for free movement;
  • color adjustment of the blocking layer;
  • adjusting the shape of the blocking layer;
  • default position of the blocking layer;
  • setting the shape of the blocking layer;
  • exit from blocking mode.

The Main Advantages of the Board Software for Business

The board meeting management software for business gives the employees of the organization the following opportunities:

  1. A self-development target that summarizes the basic qualities that describe the ideal image of a specialist. The competency model is used to increase productivity and stimulate personal and professional development, including giving the employee an answer to the question: “Do I know and can do everything to effectively perform tasks in my position and in today’s role?”
  2. Independent expert assessment of knowledge and skills based on the competency model. The competency model helps to understand the trajectories of development, one’s own and one’s colleagues, to demonstrate professionalism and a high level of qualifications in the interests of career development. 
  3. The general range of professional competencies as the basis for the perception of colleagues as like-minded people. In an already formed team, the competency model contributes to the creation and development of a comfortable working environment. As a result, employees are more likely to perform better, and there will be fewer conflicts and inconsistent actions in the team as a whole.