Hoxx VPN Review

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It just helps to unblock websites that are restricted by location by hiding your IP and encrypting your internet.

The Hoxx VPN provides both the free and paid premium to keep your p[ersonal data when using public Wi-Fi. This VPN is owned by VPN1LLC which is based in the US. The software was created in 2014, and it stated on its website that it has had over a million users available on 674 servers in 32 countries.

Hoxx VPN has promised its users to complete protection and privacy which all VPN should plan to do.

However, Hoxx VPN is not very good and has not met up to its supposed qualities. Its speed is rated 50 out of 70; Netflix does not work also does torrenting to. It has a zero degree of usability, and then its cost is not very affordable.

Hoxx allows for a few connections; this is quite good when you consider that internet users usually share their time from both mobile and desktop devices. Users who are on the premium plan have access to 674 servers in about 32 locations; this increases your chance of accessing a good closer server.

But this is where the good stuff ends

Hoxx logs in your activity; this is quite fishy. The reason for the VPN is to mask your internet activity, but Hoxx keeps yours. However, we can give it to them for their sincerity because, in their FAQ page, they state that they track your activity to help fight illegal activity.

It doesn?t just end there; your information can be shared with the 5 Eyes surveillance Alliance; hence apart from the fact that you are being tracked, your information can be shared with the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

Hoxx has very outdated encryption and tunneling protocols which is the 4096-bit RSA encryption; although this used to be the most protected encryption, it has long been outdated.

Hoxx VPN is not as good as it seems; there are only a few of the good stuff with the VPN service; its free package comes with unlimited bandwidth, it is quite cheap, and then it has a good number of the server to choose from.

But Hoxx Internet Security has lots of Bad reviews;

It has a clumsy payment system and poor speed. Its speed is not at the level which it is expected to be.

Above all, Hoax does not work for Netflix. Lots of VPN users need the VPN just for entertainment; hence this defeats the use of Hoax if it can not get you access to Netflix and torrenting services.

It has DNS leakages; there are log practices and very poor encryption.

Hence, in conclusion, Hoxx is not the right VPN for you, it is not good protection for the internet, and then it won’t satisfy you and every of your security needs. All of its claims are either false or not completely according to what they boast about.