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How to Choose the Dog Kennel Properly?

There can be different reasons why you’ve decided to get a kennel. For instance, you may need to transport your dog. On the other hand, you might need it to out in a crate bed and make a separate bedroom for your pet. Anyway, it’s important to choose the right size and take into account lots of other details. In this article, we’ll go over the main factors you need to include when choosing a small dog kennel.

Take Proper Measurements

First of all, you should start by getting the kennel of a suitable size. Start by measuring the dog from the nose to the base of the tail. Add a few inches for the ideal size. There are many formulas to calculate an ideal size but you can add roughly 12-14 inches to each number and get it right. Measure its height and don’t forget to weight it. The latter is especially important if you plan to use it for dog transportation. When traveling with your pet, you need to have a reliable and convenient kennel. Pick durable materials and reliable brand to serve you for years. 

In case you have a puppy and you don’t feel like buying a small dog kennel and then keep switching to bigger ones, you may buy the model that fits an adult-sized dog of that breed. This is a great life hack since some manufacturers mention the suitable dogs’ breeds in the description. It can also come with dividers that will reduce the size to a small dog kennel temporarily. You’ll have to carry the big box at once but you’ll gradually get used to it as the dog grows up.

Bigger is Better (but don’t go too far)

Even if you have a small dog, you should add a few inches to the measurements of your dog. The manufacturers differ by the products they make, so it’s safer to go a size up if you are not sure. Get a Small Dog Kennel and you won’t regret the choice. Anyway, if it turns out bigger than needed, you can add a mat to take up some room. You may also check out the brand’s other models. Who knows, perhaps, you’ll find a perfect match there.

Pick Proper Materials

While the small dog kennel can be plastic or even soft-sided, the bigger breeds need metal kennels. They are more durable and won’t be damaged if the pet decides to test its strength.

Choose the Right Type

It’s also important to define why you need a kennel and what you are going to do with it. In case you get a kennel at home only, as a way to give your dog a safe place to play, it stands to reason to get an open kennel. There are some similar options for outside use as well.


All in all, you now know four main principles that can help you pick the right-size kennel. Make the correct measurements and add a few inches to get the right size. Then define the material, purpose, and type to get the most suitable option for your pet. If you don’t feel confident about your choice, you can always consult the sales manager in a specialized store. They’ll help you pick the best brand and quality within your budget.