Wix vs. Squarespace

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Wix and Squarespace are two very popular website builders; this allows you to create your very own websites without needing any advanced skills. Wix is an all-around best website builder, and then it has over 110 million users; these enjoy the tools that Wix provides for beginners and experts alike.

Hence when you consider building your website, you can choose from either of these two as a guide. They will form a good base for you to get the right template for your website. They both contain good templates and features that would make building a website more fun for you.

Squarespace is also ideal for website builders and majorly for creative.

These two big names could not be more different; while Squarespace is created with the design, Wix is sometimes chaotic and with lots of freedom to customize your website.

Here is the key to understand their differences;

Editor; this is the obvious difference between both; it allows you to drag several elements up and down through the page into several columns, but there is usually a limit. There is also a sensible structure that you should stay through;

For Wix, you can drag your elements anywhere in the page; there is usually no structure that holds you back. This is sometimes freeing, but it can be the cause of chaos and lead to several problems.

Elements; Squarespace will provide you with a large selection of different elements which is thoughtful and fully features; it does not have anything half-baked. One of the very needed content is Squarespace content usually blocks is the Restaurant Menu. This is a challenge to several website builders because they have formatting that is not very common. Hence Squarespace will make you begin an inventive markup that will automatically convert to a stylish restaurant menu.

This is a simple and perfect solution to the tricky problem.

Wix, on the other hand, has a great selection of elements; everything you need is there and a bit more of them. On one aspect, some web developers will need more, and on the other, the options available could be overwhelming.

Wix restaurant menu is flexible, and it can help you understand what is needed so you can make your input.

Pricing; web builders will usually advertise a very low rate which is the annual rate divided by the 12 months; usually, this is confusing, and it is often higher. For Squarespace, it is quite direct and easy to understand; the pricing is usually on their page.

Wix is not very transparent; they do not make this clear, and the prices you see is the annual rate divided by 12. And just as you have noticed, annual plans are cheaper than monthly plans, and it usually comes with a free domain.

Both have good buying and cancellation policy; hence there are no complications when you want to cancel any of their services; if you don?t just see it fit.

Themes; this is a very good example of the differences between Squarespace and Wix. While Squarespace will offer a curated set of about 70 themes and a perfect look and feel, Wix offers 500 plus themes with several varieties and quality; Wix also gives you a large degree of flexibility.

The themes are very clean and they have a modern touch.