Wix vs. Weebly

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Wix vs Weebly: both are one of the two biggest web builders around. Both of them have a myriad of advantages for using them; hence they are easy to use and are very affordable.

Are there any differences between them?

How do you know the one that is right for you?

These and many other questions are what is addressed in this post.

We have done some researches and here is what we have for you.

Ease of Use; Wix is very easy to use. It has such an easy platform that it scored 4.3 out of 5 when it was rated for its ease of use. In Wix, you can drag any item and place them anywhere you want them to be on your website. Elements like text boxes, titles, galleries and all of that can be detached and placed anywhere.

Also, if you are not much of the design type, all you have to do is enter the Wix ADI; fill in the website and all the details you need to be on the website, select a few designs and then the Artificial Design Intelligence will help you build a website that fits your purpose in minutes.

Weebly is pretty much good, but it is not quite as easy as the Wix; it has the same drag and drops option but not just the same option that is available for Wix. Weebly scored 3.5 by users for its ease of use. And although it is not very intuitive as Wix, yet it is cool for everyone; you don?t have to be a tech expert at using it as it does not need any coding to use.

Flexibility; this has to do with the design flexibility; Wix has over 510 design templates which you can choose from, and this is a springboard for your to get a range of elements to work with for that perfect website you have always needed. This gives you the necessary idea and helps direct each page to be your own.

All of the templates found in Wix are completely optimized for mobile use too because they look so great on any device.

Weebly is quite small compared to Wix, but it has a smaller scope for optimization than that of Wix, but it is still cool because too many choices that are available with Wix may be too overwhelming sometimes and it could be a basis for a lot of problems.

Weebly will provide you with the codes of all your templates; this is a cool way for you to get some knowledge about coding and web development. With Weebly, you can export premium plans from external sources; this is something that Wix does not currently offer. And just like Wix, all of Weebly templates are all optimized for mobile devices; they look so great with mobile as well as with a desktop.

Marketing tools; With Wix, you can send some nice emails and newsletters and other updates about your services out to your audience. Wix can also help you get email addresses which will help you increase your audience. As for Weebly, it has its equivalent which is called the Weebly promote. It helps you get the necessary task down with email marketing give you the best benefit of using your site.